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Now – cake is easy to come by.  But great cake that not only looks wonderful but tastes it too.  Cake that works to offer something different.  Cake that ensures your tastebuds sing. Cake that offers new looks and flavours, that goes beyond Victoria sponge and sprinkles.  Cake that does all of that is a little harder to find.

Kupkase & Co have been making great cake since 2013.  We’re passionate about providing desserts and artisan cakes for people who want standout, high quality, premium treats, oozing with flair and flavour, all natural with no nasties.

Our customers say our cakes look so good they don’t know if they should frame them or eat them and some have even picked up crumbs from the floor to keep the experience from ending.

We've made bespoke creations for many fabulous clients including Quintessentially, Universal and Sony Records, the BBC and even a few celebrities.  We’ve been carried at Selfridges in London and even had our designs and techniques showcased in Step by Step Birthday Cake for Kids by Karen Sullivan, a book published by DK Publishing (available here)

 Designer wedding cakes, mini cakes and dessert tables, we’re ready to serve up delectable slices of wonderful indulgence for your event or special occasion, made just for you.


I picked up crumbs off the floor and popped them in my mouth. I don’t
care! Cake was so, so good
— Juliette Ashby, singer/songwriter
The party was fantastic and I got mad props for the cake! Guests thought it was delicious & it was gone very quickly. So much so I didn’t even get a proper piece!!
— Sarah W, London
Amazing. I love getting cakes from Kupkase
— Sarah Jane Crawford
Massive Thank you. It was a MASTERPIECE!! I couldn’t have wished for it to turn out any better, I was speechless when I saw it.
— Katherine L, London